at pages dedicated to those loons digging archives to find the oldest forbear they can

Genealogyor family tree, is a beautiful science from group of auxilliary historical sciences, which results anchor us  at spacetime, give our being force and direction, shift our sence into transcendent. Genealogy shows us roots of our conduct, our failings and our distinctions. Only few of us knows our ancestors more than to own grandfather indeed. Genealogycould certify or refute relative relations, could help clarify truth and origin of family myths and hand downed old stories, shows who is who at family. Genealogy enable make a picture how ancestors lived, how died, which livelihood they had.

Interest about cemeteries is very close to this hobby, places which corroborates how our ancestors worshiped their ancestors and how our forefathers and grandparents had been buried, which thombstones they liked, which epitaphs they use and how we revere our ancestors - or how we care about cemeteries at the present time. Cemeteries state how much we rate our ancestors, that we are here thanks to them personaly, that  thanks to their effort we are at our economical, cultural and moral standard at we are. Of course, last 40 years of communist quagmire the culture of care for death ancestors and their cemeteries came almost to the deadly edge - we not care about cemeteries of Jews, Germans and Sudeten Germans, as well as army one, old (abandoned) one and essentially we not care about cemeteries at all. We let decline, devastate and wreck them and even we not feel it as something ammoral and bad. And withal we have there our ancestors, blood of our blood...

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