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How to get started

Searching for forgotten ancestors is like walking on a rock trail -

you must go step by step

1) Find old documents that relate to your family - birth and marriage certificates, old letters with relatives from homeland, school reports, original passports, citizienship registries, death certificates and obituaries etc.

2) Ask old members of family - contact as many members of your family that may know names, birth cities, birthdays and maided names, grub our memories and old stories.

3) Check the correct transcription of ancestor's names and name of places where they came fromCorrect and original spelling is most important thing for good starting. It is also critical that we know towns or villages of birth. With bad localization of a point of origin it is impossible start searching ancestors at all.

4) Phone us for 30 minutes for a free telephone consultancy. Please, check our local time. Call us at number #420 224 919 370.
It is wise to use an e-mail first to set up a time to talk. When you use an e-mail, the first 3 information mails and answers are free as well.

5) Payment requirements - best way to pay is account transmission . We will require 30% of an estimated price in advance, the balance will be paid after as we progress with our search and you are satisfied. You will get progress reports and periodic updates. We may come to you with questions. Work  will begin after receiving the first payment on our account.

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