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We are a full service, personal, genealogy research team, specializing in Czech, Moravian, Slovakian as well as Jewish ancestry at territory of former Czechoslovakia.

We will find your ancestors and help with reading old text, translation and rebuild your family tree.

What we offer? Why we are better? What is our speciality? What distinguish us of others? Do you pay much? Can you consult with us? Will we understand each other? Didn't we say anything?

We will find the desired registry records, read them, transcribe, translate, as well as set up genealogical descending diagrams showing from the oldiest ancestor or conversely ascending diagrams from designated person to her/his ancestors. If interested we amend information from parish books by records from non-registry materials.

We offer you our knowledge and expierences collecting for many years, together with enthusiasm and passion for genealogy.

Jewish parish book records are our specialisation.

Our service contradistinguish from huge companies with high overhead costs with preservation the same standards of results.

The average price vary about USD 6 000,- for project (about 1 month intensive searching including also hunting for non registry archive materials), but some projects could move back over USD 10 000,-. We charge an hour work for USD 35,-.
Price for simple searching personnel records is about USD 1 500 - 2 000,- for a week.
Additional costs (legal stamps, postage fees, photocopies, archive and office fee etc) will be booked according to the presentation of documents.

Call us for 30 minutes free consultancy!

Regulary reports by agreement.

Non registry archive materials are materials written apart from official books which recorded birth, marriage and death of a persons. For example it is possible to cite property books, maps and plans, registers of landed property (recorded corvee duty), shrift's lists, testaments, police acts and materials, military records, statistical sources, inventory of Jews or inhabitans, town books, chronicles etc.

Outcome will be given over digitaly from on CD ready for printing.

We read Czech, German and Latin records, though we can communicate with you English, Czech, Slovak and Russian.

How contact us? Write us! Call us! Ask Klara or Karel, members of The Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society at Praha.

How to start? See basic tutorial at page Starting condition!

Write us to 


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