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This page contents interstings hidden in dusk of archive depository, various aids for genealogist, which I succesfully prepare for publication, and little for paleography. Inputs will be amended in sequence, so this page will never be absolutely finished, it is permanently build.

1) List of Jewish residents of town Habry (Habern) according to census 1869 - transcription
2) Contract of purchase to shop of Wencl Ssraub, Habry (Habern) 1798 - original + transcription 
3) Contract of purchase to shop of Waclaw Balichar, Habry (Habern) 1798 - original + transcription 
4) Marriage articles of  Waczlaw Bartoss, Hradec Králové (König Gratz) 1623 - original + transcription 
5) Record of Nephtali Poláček about house, Habry (Habern), 1789 - original

6) Guild licence of Anton Schep, Praha (Prag), 1825 - original
7) Guild licence of Joseph Berhan, Kutná Hora (Kuttenberg), 1828 - original
Corvee inventory of Jirži Cžernik, Jezbořice near Pardubice, 1744 - original
9) Testament of Jan Reywald, Křinec, 1799 - original + transcription
10) Official warrant, 1841 - original
11) Description of condition of church of village Zlatníky 1667 - original + transcription
12) Map of surarounding of Praha, cca 1910



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